Top 5 Vans Of 2018

5. Ford Transit Connect

The first entry into our Top 5 today is the Ford Transit Connect. This dynamic, versatile, small van offers plenty of cab space as well as a decent load capacity. With many new technology tricks and features, this really is a run for your money. Ford have truly made driving just about driving with their new range. No stresses about lights or parking, this van even measures your driving alertness on those long journeys, and displays a signal when a rest is recommended with the new Driver Alert System.

4. Volkswagen Transporter

In at number 4 is the Volkswagen Transporter, arguably one of the best mid-sized compact vans around. Volkswagen have consistently produced quality compact vans for 65 years. But this years model is definitely the best one yet! They have designed the new models interior around the idea of the safety of your load. With new optional rubber flooring, cushioned edges, and extra fastening aids make sure that your cargo is protected and held safely in place. It also comes in multiple sizes options which create a range of load space varying from 5.8 to 9.3 m³, with a maximum load of about 1,300kg.

3. Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is in at 3rd with its sleek design, it really is a great van, and we can’t wait for its new 2018 model, due to be on sale in a few months. This flexible, robust and economical new vehicle, continues to embody the traditional attributes that have made it such a success for the German giants. In this new vehicle the drivers workplace is completely uncluttered, practical and designed to make the driver’s experience better than ever. With a maximum load space of 17m³ and a holding weight of 5.5 tonnes, you can’t go wrong.

2. Ford Transit

With no surprise at all, the Ford van range is dominating this top 5, with yet another from their diverse range. Second place, the Ford Transit, this archetypal large van, has now been blessed with a more efficient Euro 6 2.0-litre engine in addition to the optional six-speed automatic gearbox, making it better than ever to drive. This Transit is the sixth generation of its kind, and definitely the best one yet - being more practical, creating better driving experiences and according to its maker, it's also cheaper to run.

1. Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom, the most popular van in the UK right now. And who can disagree, this versatile mid-sized van is a superb all-rounder, with a strong engine, plenty of load capacity and a fantastic driving experience. With so many new features that make this vehicle much easier to drive, and allow it to be titled the “Best Van of 2018”. The new auto start-stop technology saves fuel by cutting off the engine automatically when stopping whilst still supplying power to essentials like headlights, air-conditioning, radio etc; also, the new rear view camera shows whatever is behind you when reversing, automatically as soon as you select reverse gear, displayed on the built-in screen installed into the console. This, and the rear parking sensors, completely take the stress out of any awkward parking situation. These are a few of the many new features fitted into the Transit Custom to give the driver the best driving experience.Text here ...