Electric Vehicles Are The Future

This week’s blog is about Electric vehicles and how they are better than you might first think.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and by 2040, the National Grid predict to have 36 million of them on the UK roads, wow. According to the BBC, the average mileage per 4-wheeled vehicle per week is 152 miles, and as long as you have access to somewhere at night to charge your electric motor, that is very easily achievable.

Also, the engines are almost silent and all automatic gearboxes. So you can say goodbye to that rigid clutch and 5 gears, taking the most disliked thing in driving away.

As well as this, electric cars are so much cheaper to run. Did you know it costs around £2 a night of your home's electricity to charge your vehicle as opposed to £1.32 a litre of diesel, it's a bargain! And if your worried about how far you can drive in your car before you run out of charge, the average electric vehicle can drive 100 miles before needing charging, so your sorted.

Did you also know? The government have recently offered a new grant for electric vehicle buys, they will pay 20% of the fees towards buying your vehicle as long as it is no more than £8,000.

Electric Vehicles are the way of the future, Mercedes have a new range coming soon, I will definitely be buying one!