London diesel vehicle drivers could soon face a hefty fee of £50 per day to park and drive their vehicles around the city.

According to plans from the Westminster City Council, the initiative would see West End parking see an increase of 50%, costs will rise from £4.90 to £7.35 an hour. The outgoing plans have been said to take place “later this year.” The idea was put forward by the council aiming to reduce the number of diesel vehicles that were built before the year 2015, in an attempt to resolve air pollution issue that the city is currently facing.

With these plans in place, the cost for drivers of older diesel cars to park for four hours, will be £29.40.

In addition to this fee, they will have to pay an additional £12.50 for the new Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which comes into force in early 2019 and will operate 24 hours a day, and not forgetting the Congestion Charge, a further £11.50 will be added to this cost, creating a total sum of £53.40.

As a review for this plan, the Westminster City Council is seeking feedback from the public to also apply these fees to pre-2006 petrol vehicles, as these vehicles also pollute as much as pre-2015 diesel vehicles.

Tim Mitchell, Westminster City Council member, said “Residents tell us that air quality is their number one concern, which is why we want to roll out this change across Westminster so that all communities can benefit.

The Council is still seeking for public feedback on the issue and want people to speak out about the topic to help them make their decision.Text here ...